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139 Morristown Rd. Bernardsville, NJ 07924

     A client recommended that I came to SHC when we started chatting about my 5yr old son. He was potty trained at 2, but had NEVER been able to get through the whole night without wetting the bed. So for the past 3 years we have taken him (deep in almost unconscious sleep!) to the bathroom where he would urinate forever!! I tried many different approaches to fix this, none worked, and as a 'fixer' the thought I had to resign myself that 'one day this would go away' was just not OK.
     In addition, he had just started Kindergarten and started having a really hard time going to bed every night. This was really strange because since he was a baby he always went to sleep like clockwork EVERY night at 7pm after I gave him a story and a kiss. However he started complaining that he felt like he continually needed the bathroom and would get in such in a panic he couldn't get to sleep. This was happening at school too, but not however in the afternoons when we were home together. His pediatrician and I concurred that it must be anxiety-driven.
     So, somewhat desperate and out of options, I arrived at SHC… I wasn't really sure why I was there.. To be honest I thought Chiropractors were just for back aches! The doctors there were so kind and reassuring, not to mention AMAZING with my son. In fact that goes for everyone in the office, even the receptionist who knew our names the first time we walked in the building! We started a program to address the problems immediately. Although the theory made great sense, I have to say I was skeptical and just thought 'the proof of the pudding will be in the eating'.
     From the first appointment I NEVER saw any of the signs of anxiety, neither did my son's teacher. Within one month, on the Drs. recommendation I just stopped taking him to the bathroom at night.. It felt like Russian roulette! But I did it anyway and night one - it worked. Then night two, my son (who can't even stand in the night!) reports that he got up went to the bathroom, washed his hands and noticed that it was 4:04am - HE WAS AWAKE.. and functioning.. and for a 5 year old boy to wash his hands at that time of night.. that's incredible! 2 weeks in and still no accidents.
     Amazing. Seriously I am blown away.

Justine S.

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