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139 Morristown Rd. Bernardsville, NJ 07924

After retiring at 67 years old in 2011, I started to spend much more time in physical activities like paddle tennis, tennis, golf, a daily 1.5 mile walk and sawing/splitting wood as a result of hurricanes.  Although I had always done early morning stretching exercises for my back, the increased daily physical activity started to stress my back.  Sitting for a long time and driving in the car were starting to really bother my back.

Panic time!  We had a two week trip to five national parks on Colorado and Utah scheduled for July.  We would be driving 2,500 miles during the two weeks and doing some mountainous hiking.  I started to get concerned whether my back would hold up.  The trip was eight weeks away, so I went to Somerset Hills Chiropractic to get straightened out.

The results were amazing to me. Not only were the treatments highly effective, but the doctors also gave me additional exercises to do. In addition, they shared with me smart ideas to make the driving more comfortable such as putting a rolled up beach towel behind my lower back while driving.  The towel worked very well and I still use it.

The trip out West with all the driving was completed without any problems.

Due to the overall health benefits I was receiving from my treatment, I have continued to go.  As one gets older, other body parts like knees and Achilles start to get stressed when you play tennis or paddle teams four times a week like I do.  The doctors always suggested exercises to strengthen my sore spots.  I really do count on the doctors to keep me healthy.

With much appreciation,  L.S.

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